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Historic Bridges: St. Joseph County, Michigan

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Special Bridge Conditions Legend
! Confirmed demolition date within one year or an especially historic bridge that is threatened with demolition at any level.
X The bridge has been confirmed demolished or collapsed.
S The bridge has been dismantled or moved to an offsite location and is not currently available for public viewing.
L Most or all of the original bridge material has been demolished and replaced, including historically significant elements, but some original parts of the bridge remain.
Note: This website cannot guarantee the current condition of any bridge on this website. Bridges lacking these icons should not necessarily be considered condition-free.

Total Bridges Found: 7

 Bridge Name HSR Rating Facility Carried / Feature Intersected LocationStructure Type Structure DimensionsConstruction Date / Builder or Contractor DescriptionThumbnail
X Balk Road Bridge
Historic Significance Rating. Balk Road Over Fawn River Rural: St. Joseph County, Michigan Metal 6 Panel Rivet-Connected Double-Intersection Warren Pony Truss, Fixed Total Length: 85 ft
Main Span Length: 84 ft
Roadway Width: 13 ft
Main Spans: 1
1910 By: Unknown A lightweight style bridge, this exhibits a rare truss configuration.Click to visit page.
X Big Hill Road Bridge
Historic Significance Rating. Big Hill Road Over Fawn River Rural: St. Joseph County, Michigan Metal 5 Panel Pin-Connected Pratt Full-Slope Pony Truss, Fixed Total Length: 84 ft
Main Span Length: 82 ft
Roadway Width: 15.7 ft
Main Spans: 1
1905 By: Unknown A large, classic pin connected Pratt pony truss in a scenic setting.Click to visit page.
Cowling Road Bridge
Old Gross Bridge
Historic Significance Rating. Cowling Road (Old Alignment) Over Rocky River Rural: St. Joseph County, Michigan Concrete Closed Spandrel Deck Arch, Fixed Main Spans: 2 By: William Gross This is one of the most unusual and fascinating concrete arch bridges in Michigan!Click to visit page.
Haybridge Road Bridge
Historic Significance Rating. Haybridge Road Over Fawn River Rural: St. Joseph County, Michigan Metal 4 Panel Pin-Connected Pratt Half-Hip Pony Truss, Fixed Total Length: 54.8 ft
Main Span Length: 53.8 ft
Roadway Width: 16 ft
Main Spans: 1
1912 By: Unknown An unusual pony truss sits out in the open for people to enjoy.Click to visit page.
M-86 Bridge
Historic Significance Rating. M-86 Over Prairie River Rural: St. Joseph County, Michigan Metal 8 Panel Rivet-Connected Camelback Pony Truss, Fixed Total Length: 90 ft
Main Span Length: 90 ft
Roadway Width: 27 ft
Main Spans: 1
1923 By: Unknown and Michigan State Highway Department This is a good example of a 1920s pony truss built to a standard plan still serving its purpose in fair condition.Click to visit page.
Marantette Bridge
Railroad Street Bridge
Historic Significance Rating. Railroad Street Over St. Joseph River Mendon: St. Joseph County, Michigan Metal 8 Panel Pin-Connected Pratt Through Truss, Fixed Total Length: 141 ft
Main Span Length: 139 ft
Roadway Width: 16 ft
Main Spans: 1
By: Massillon Bridge Company of Massillon, Ohio This bridge deserves to be restored as it is an unaltered pin-connected Pratt truss of considerable span length.Click to visit page.
Mottville Bridge
Historic Significance Rating. US-12 (Old Alignment) Over St. Joseph River Mottville: St. Joseph County, Michigan Concrete 90 Foot Plan Curved Chord Through Girder, Fixed Total Length: 270 ft
Main Span Length: 90 ft
Roadway Width: 21 ft
Main Spans: 3
1922 By: Smith and Nichols of Hastings, Michigan and Michigan State Highway Department This three span structure is the longest concrete camelback in Michigan, and was preserved for pedestrians.Click to visit page.


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